What is UVAPER?

UVAPER isn't just a company, and it isn't some near shore warehouse that gets shipments from overseas and flips them the next day. We are a group of individuals with different passions, we watch football and basketball, we attend churches in our local community, we're students and veteran career men and women, and most importantly we're Vaper's. We Live it, Breathe it, Sweat it, and some of us even talk about it in our sleep (wives have verified). We are a dedicated group of people who have come together as a Vape family and are using our knowledge, skills, and Ideas to shape and create a company that provides excellent products and services to fellow vapers in our community and around the world.

Some of us like many of you began Vaping to quit another addiction. Some of us became interested in it because a loved one fell ill as a result of smoking or have died to an illness because of it. We can assure you that we are passionate about Vaping, and our passion and our excitement translate into our products and guest experience.

We invite you to check out our wide selection of products and we welcome any questions you may have regarding our business or information related to Electronic Cigarettes. While we aren't the State Farm agent your wife will catch you on the phone with at 2am we are still here during regular business hours and will always provide excellent customer service and if we don't we encourage you to let us know.

We are committed to processing orders quickly and we will always do our best to communicate with our customers by providing shipping information and order details. Should a situation arise with your order, we will contact you promptly.

While other companies focus on bragging about their technology, shipping, prices, and their customer service we focus on our customers. We want you to know that we don't solely rely on our technology to get you the latest and greatest products, but instead we rely on our staff here at UVaper. Before a new product comes through our door we have spent countless hours researching it and getting excited about it to the point that our friends ask us to stop talking about it! Before a package leaves our hands at least two people have checked it and then another person checks it again. We rely on each other here and we hope you can rely on us for quality products, friendly service, and great prices.

What is UVAPER? We're hoping UVaper is the guys who send you your next Vape mail.