For our upcoming updates on October, 1st, after a long conference meeting with manufacturer of ASPIRE in China,

ASPIRE USA has agreed to match all prices according to ASPIRE CHINA manufacturer tier prices.

Any Aspire products ordered from ASPIRE USA will be sold for Manufacturer Tier price + 10%
(10% fee includes: Oversea importing & Customs fee)

By ordering from ASPIRE USA, here are the benefits that you will receive:

• After sale service – Planned toward the end of this year

• No leading time

• No prepay (No tied up money for weeks and months!)

• No initial deposit

• USA Shipping

• ASPIRE USA will have the first batch of all new and upcoming products

• Authorized reseller certification
(We will have a list of all certified resellers of Aspire products on our ASPIRE USA main page)