Over the next 10 days, UVAPER will initiate an integration of a new software. This software will allow website, point of sale, payment gateway, and logistics to respond as one. This change will assure greater transparency and major improvement in the order process with our wholesale program.

New updates & features:

>Checkout directly from our website with credit/debit card payment.
>Streamlining the shipping process to improve accuracy and efficiency of packing process.
>Up to date product quantities and updates for all items on the website.
>Additional shipping method with protection service options.
>Automatic tracking updates with tracking numbers back to the website.
>Updates through the order process allow you to follow your order.

The new improved service will be available soon! During this transition please be patient with us as we may run into unexpected technical issues that we will correct as swiftly as possible. Please report any issues you may run into so we can improve this new system.


Aspire USA (UVAPER) Team