UVAPER will change our primary delivery service from USPS to UPS

Over the years, dealing with the USPS has been difficult.

There have been many incidents and reports on lost, delayed, and untraceable packages.

Even more, an order that went out on the same day with multiple packages were delivered in different days.


Yet our customers gave us support with the decisions that we made in hope for new changes.

With our new changes, there will be an improvement in package handling, on-time delivery and package tracking.

Packages will be shipped with expedited service and be delivered between 1 to 3 days for all domestic locations.


There will also be an option available at the checkout for our customers who wish to insure their packages.  

Please refer on the checkout section for details on the insurance amount.


In addition, tracking information will be automatically provided from UPS for all customers to monitor

and send inquiries of shipment status.

Otherwise arranged for special terms in shipping, all orders will be shipped 

with UPS service starting 05/13/15